For there was séene in him no token, that either choler, melancholie, flegme, or any other vicious humor did any thing abound:
A "humor" is any one of what were thought to be the four fundamental bodily fluids, choler (yellow bile), melancholy (black bile), phlegm, and blood. It was thought that disease was caused by the presence of too much of any one humor, therefore King Duffe's doctors are puzzled that no humor is found to "abound" -- to be too abundant. [back]

vnneth anie thing: scarcely anything [back]

being inured with: being accustomed to [back]

wittie: intelligent, wise [back]

iornie: journey. [back]

make awaie: kill. [back]

lemman: lover. [back]

broch: skewer. [back]

trauell with him,: work with him,  i.e.,question and nag him. [back]

collation: snack, light meal. [back]

buskling: commotion. [back]

beraied: dirtied, defiled [back]